Time Table

Monday, 18 September 2023 (Invitation Only)

Venue: Westin Josun Seoul

TimeProgram (Press Day & Welcome Reception)TimeVenue
10:00 - 10:30Greetings
30 min.Orchid
10:30 - 11:30
Mr. Anton Scholz &
Ms. Mira Jung
Press Conference & ADeKo Youth Exchange Program(Incl. Korea-Germany 140 & Beyond Video)
(German Embassy, DAAD, KGCCI, KDG, GI & ADeKo)
60 min.Orchid
11:30 - 12:00Individual Press Interview (Korea Times) 30 min.VIP Room
11:30 - 12:10Lunch (Lunch Box)40 min.Orchid

17:40 - 18:30Welcome Reception
50 min.Orchid
18:30 - 20:301. Video (Korea-Germany 140 & Beyond)7 min.Orchid
MC:2. Welcome Remarks (Prof. Dr. Hyo-Joon Kim / Chairman of ADeKo)5 min. 
Mr. Anton Scholz &3. Congratulatory Address  
Ms. Mira Jung     a. Mr. Sang-Min Lee (Chairman of Ko-Ge Parliamentarians' Friendship Association)5 min. 
(Simultaneous     b. H.E. Georg Schmidt (German Ambassor-designate)5 min. 
Translation)4. Mr. Martin Dulig (Minister of Economic, Labor, Transportation in Sachsen/ Chairman, DKF)5 min. 
 5. Special Speech : Mr. Hwang-Sik Kim (Former Prime Minister)15 min. 
 6. Music Program20 min. 
 7. Dinner with VIP (150 people) 60 min. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Venue: KCCI

08:20 - 09:10Registration (Grand Hall - 294 people)50 min. 
09:10 - 10:30Opening Session
Session Chair:    1. Video (Korea-Germany 140 & Beyond)10 min.Grand Hall
Prof. Dr. Dong Seon Chang   2. Opening Speech : Prof. Dr. Hyo-Joon Kim (Chairman of ADeKo)10 min. 
(Simultaneous   3. Welcome Address :  H.E. Georg Schmidt (German Ambassador)5 min. 
Translation)   4. Congratulatory Speech  
      a. Dr. Jin Park (Minister of Foreign Affairs)3 min. 
      b. Mr. Sang-Min Lee (Chairman of Korea-Germany Parliamentarians' Friendship Association)3 min. 
     c. Mr. Martin Dulig (Minister of Economic, Labor, Transportation in Sachsen/ Chairman, DKF)3 min.
      d. Mr. Young-Jin Kim (President of KDG President & CEO of KGCCI) 3 min. 

     e. Dr. Martin Henkelmann (President & CEO of KGCCI) 

3 min.
     f. Dr. Clemens Treter (Director of Goethe Institut Korea)3 min.
     g. Dr. Kai Sicks (Secretary General of DAAD)3 min.
     5. Special Speech : Prof. Dr. Sun-Uk Kim (Chairperson of POSCO TJPark Foundation)20 min. 
10:30 - 11:00Photo & Coffee Break30 min.Grand Hall
11:00 - 12:20Plenary Session
 Grand Hall
Session Chair:
Prof. Dr. Dong Seon Chang
    1. Dr. Daelae Noh (Senior Advisor for Shin & KIm, Former minister of FTC)
        Comparison of Korean and German Market Interventions
20 min. 
(Simultaneous Translation)   2. Prof. Dr. Anja-Désirée Senz (Vice-Rector of Heidelberg University)
       Relevance of Social Science and Humanities in academic exchange between Korea and Germany
20 min. 

   3. Prof. Ki-Tae Nam (Professor of Seoul National University)
       Strategy of Korea for Carbon Net Zero Society
20 min. 

   4. Mr. Jan Fischer "Gaia-X Data Business Model Case" (Gernal Director, Gaia-X Hub Germany)
       Gaia-X Data Business Model Case
20 min. 
12:20 - 14:00Lunch & Networking 100 min.Grand Hall
14:00 - 15:40Business Session Grand Hall
Session Chair:   1. Trumpf: Mr. Andreas Frahm (How Trumpf as a tec. company contributes to Ko-Ge relations)25 min. 
Mr. Kevin Kwak &
   2. Merck: Mr. Steven Eulig (Unlocking the potential of AI & ML in semiconductor manufacturing)25 min. 
Ms. Sunyoung Park
   3. AutoCrypt: Mr. Daniel Kim (The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Automotive Industry) 25 min. 
   4. Carl Zeiss: Mr. Matthew Wilson (German optics contribution to economic devel. & sustainability)25 min. 

15:40 - 16:00Coffee Break20 min 
16:00 - 17:50Thematic Session
110 min. 

Science & Technology
 Conference Hall A
Session Chair:
Dr. Insuk Kim
Mr. Jan Fischer - Criteria and Principles for Selecting a Gaia-X Business Model
Mr. Frederic Spohr -German Data Economy Policy Direction and Strategy
Mr. Sungjoon Hong - Data Sharing Plan for Automotive Industry Supply Chain 

Dr.  Jonwoo Lee - Promoting Land and Transport Data Industry Ecosystem: Strategy and Use Case

Humanity, Society & Culture

Session Chair:
Prof.Dr. Chun-Shik Kim

Session Chair:
Prof.Dr. In-kyoung Ahn

Thema 1: Exchange and cooperation in the field of higher vocational education between Korea and Germany

Mr. Christoph Pollmann - Current status and prospects of higher vocational education(Dual study) in Germany

Prof. Dr. Moon-Sang Kang - Exchanges and Prospects in Korean-German Higher Vocational Education

(Discussant: Dr. Mee-Kyung Jung / Dr. Dong-Im Lee / Prof. Dr. Mi-Ji Kim / Mr. Sungsu Hwang)

Thema 2: Civic Education and Social Integration

Dr. Joon-Young Hur - German Migration Policy and Social Integration

Prof. Dr. emeritus Young-Sik Huh - Civic Education in Germany and Korea

(Discussant: Mr. Thomas Yoshimura / Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seliger / Prof. Dr. Jong Hee Lee / Prof. Dr. Joo Hee Kim)

Grand Hall

Industry & Trade

Dr. Chang-Kwon Kim

Session Chair:
Dr. Sung-Hoon Park

Ms. Moonsun Kim - A Private-Led Industrial Policy: a Suggestion in the Data Economy

Dr. Sangho Lee - Lessons from the German Hartz Reform and Policy for Structural Reform of the Korean Labour Market

(Discussant: Dr. Yeonhee Lee / Dr. Ikseung Kim / Dr. Shin Wan Kim / Dr. Myung Joon Park / Dr. Ki-Don Hwang)

Seminar Room 4

Junior Board

Session Chair:
Mr. Kevin Kwak

Wirt.-Ing. & Ing. Kevin Kwak - The story of a engineer with German Know-how and with Korea passion 

Ms. Eunjung Lee - K-Classics and the Story of Musicians 

Mr. Hojin Wi - Seoul, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Berlin-Seoul again 

Mr. Jan Niklas Ristok - Endurance, Assiilation and a Strong Will

Dipl.-Pol. Johannes Klausa - Network Young Generation Germany-Korea:voice,platform and training ground for our youth

Seminar Room 1

DAAD Alumni

Session Chair:
Dr. Sang Hoon Kim

Dr. Jinhwan Chang - Criminal Policy for Dangerous (Sex) Offenders – Focusing on the Comparative Analysis of Korean, German and United States Policies

Dr. Min-Jung Kang - Cancer diagnostics and therapy

Dr. DooSeok Jeong - Deep learning and operational acceleration at low power

Dr. Choong-Su Han - Heidegger's Interpretation of Zhuanzi's Idea "the Necessity of the Unnecessary

Dr. Hokeyong Rhee - DAAD Scholarship Talk

Seminar Room 2

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 (Invitation Only)

Venue: Venue: NAVER / Gyeongbok Palace

TimeProgram (Tech & Culture Tour)TimeVenue
08:30 - 10:00Leave for NAVER
90 min.NAVER
10:00 - 12:00Tech Tour Day (NAVER Headquarters)120 min. 
12:00 - 13:30Lunch & Networking
90 min.NAVER
13:30 - 15:00Leave for Kyungbok Palace90 min. 
15:00 - 17:00Cultural Tour (Gyeongbok Palace)120 min.Gyeongbok Palace
17:00 - 17:30Leave for Hotel
30 min.